Hyderabad Arts Festival (HAF) has been conceived to get together all the Hyderabad loving people on to a single platform, time and again, to feel the rich diversity of this great city through various events, and thereby feel proud being a Hyderabadi. There is no other city that has such diversity may it be in its culture, heritage, people, languages, businesses or any other segment.

With every region portraying its own culture and every segment having its own diversity, Hyderabad stands majestically tall to offer a world unseen on a platter, for Hyderabad loving people. HAF celebrates the spirit of Hyderabad, and is not limited to Arts and cultural events alone. Workshops, Contests, Culinary, Sporting Events, Visual Arts – all these and much more will be a part of HAF.

The activities have been planned across the spectrum to ensure that every Hyderabadi gets an opportunity to be a part of some celebration. HAF will showcase the best of events, from various parts of this vibrant country and the world, on a periodical basis to an exclusive audience in an exclusive ambience, and help them strengthen the Hyderabadi bond!

What's more? The most distinguishing factor of HAF is that all its Season events are non-ticketed and free for the audience. This is done to help more people be a part of the festival. But that does not mean that these are open and mass events. Depending on the event, the interested people have to book online or contact HAF offices in advance and pick-up their entry pass, which is a must for the event entry.

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