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Engage every single audience leveraging the cutting-edge tech and action-plans


Creation and innovation are the two words defining us. Any business strives to reach out to the target audience and leave a profound impact. Thus, reach and awareness are two notions driving any business towards growth.

At MIRA, we specialize in bringing innovative design and technical precision to event planning. Our teams are committed to arranging Experiential engagements like Award Night, Corporate Annual Days, team-building Activities, sporting events, Conferences & seminars, Experiential Brand Engagements, Event IP and Trade Expo. In addition, MIRA engages dedicatedly and actively involves all of your participants, be it through online or offline mode. We are equally conversant in arranging events in online platforms through best-in-class technologies Integrations and world-class offline events.

Our team specializes in brand communication. We understand your brand very well, delve deep into your requirements, understand your target audience, research them, and craft innovative solutions to impact them. In addition, we guide your marketing teams to tune the overall marketing strategies to ensure that all the plans are packed with cutting-edge creativity, which can fuel sales for you. Furthermore, we even communicate with the PR professionals to guide them with hard-hitting ideas of displaying your brand's strategies. Finally, our experiential marketing strategy is rolled out to cater to the length and breadth of your marketing and PR strategy.

When it comes to shaping an event, MIRA ensures that it exhibits the latest technological trends in the market. Be it a grand social occasion or a glamorous corporate event, MIRA engages your audience in the most strategic way that no other agency can. MIRA LIVE ensures that all your live events come into action fascinatingly. MIRA works pro-actively towards that, from arranging the venue to finding every prop required, including catering, décor and everything for the live event.

MIRA designs for impact. We love detail as that's the door to your customers' minds. We run various events, from product launches to conferences, making for an experienced team. So if you are planning for any Celebrations or Brand Engagement, look at our portfolio for inspiration. We have been appreciated by a number of clients as being one among the best Experiential events solutions company . We are just a call away.

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