Mira Experia

Experience the new facets of marketing and growth with MIRA's ground-breaking ideas


At MIRA, we specialize in experiencing the product through cutting-edge ways, and that's why we name our segment as experiential service marketing. Our main USP is to think out of the box to ace at below-the-line communication for our clients. We closely work with marketing teams to understand the brand and the different existing strategies.

We conduct client interaction initiatives to drive product engagement at residential welfare, parks, and malls. In addition, we Implement the consumer contact strategy for brand execution to attract more attention and put the brand in the spotlight.

Vis a vis to any other agency, we get into the skin of the brand, understand and ideate to fuel its growth. Our product-based strategies empower PR specialists to guide them with the right giveaways ideas like offering coupons that can be redeemed or offering souvenirs.

Why Choose Us

Our approach is different from other creative agencies. However, we always prefer out-of-the-box concepts that serve as innovative ideas in one plate to attract customers. Instead of using the traditional approach of advertisements, we experiment with the best strategies in the market.

Ideate strategies for marketing

We design the best and most appropriate plan for your marketing team, which encourages more reach to your audience.

Help in fuelling sales

We ensure that our collaboration with the marketing team helps in converting a potential pitch into sales.

Promote best giveaways

To ensure that the audience is captivated by your brand, we guide your PR teams to plan the best displays and giveaways. Through customer contact strategy, these attractive souvenir offerings like coffee cups, planters, etc., through customer contact strategy, aid in achieving the highest level of attendance.

Handle the technical production

We employ various distinctive techniques to convey brand functionality in response to demand. For example, we use consumer marketing analytics to generate optimum majority audience consumption.

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