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MIRA always stands for the innovative and out-box-thinking, sticking out from the general ideas of the market. We always ensure to have specialized teams working on our dedicated service verticals ranging from event organization to organizing live shows, arranging customer engagement programs, sporting events, meetings, conferences, and exhibitions. Well, we don't stop there. Instead, we have our dedicated HAPP Box service solutions, which promise to reflect your company's ethos leaving a remarkable impression on your employees. HAPP Box primarily deals with excellent gifting solutions, both customized and high-quality. We ensure that your gifts are well-boxed to leave a fantastic impression and invigorate your employees. You can choose from our plethora of offerings available to excite your employees on their anniversaries, birthdays, accomplishments, and many more. It's a way to celebrate your journey together.

While you order your favorite pick, we wrap it well in a tidy box called happ box, our signature packaging, reflecting our authenticity and feel with which we pack the gifts. We understand your emotions and ensure all the gift boxes reflect the same, Celebrate happiness with your clients, customers, employees, and peers through our tailored gift boxes. What's more, you can also select personalized gifts for your valuable employees for important events of their lives like weddings, engagements, baby showers, housewarming, etc. With the pursuit to lessen your manual effort, which is taxing and cumbersome, we pack out HAPP boxes that are fully automated. Just scroll, scan, click and proceed to the cart.

Why Choose Us,

HAPP Boxes are specially made for corporations where you can log in and choose the best gifts for your resources. Be it a welcome kit, farewell gift, project completion celebration, or 1 st anniversary at the office; you will get presents for every occasion under one roof.

B2C gifts

It's not always work-related celebrations that rejuvenate and bring happiness to your employees. You also need to stir their emotions and participate in their celebrations of life to make them feel valued and productive. So why not surprise them with unique gifts in their wedding anniversaries, baby showers, welcoming newborns, birthdays, and more such significant life events.

Automated choices

We ensure the entire experience of gifting remains convenient for you. You have to log in to our portal, and then the whole process is quick and straightforward. Just choose your gift, and that goes for auto-approval to us. Once the TL and HR approve the order, it proceeds to the MIRA team, who delivers the same and ensures the requirement is fulfilled anywhere in India. So, the entire process is right at the tip of your fingers, providing an unwavering gifting experience.

Midnight gifts

You might have sudden gifting ideas and needs. We are always there for your last-minute decisions. Yes, you can have mid-night gifting requirements, and there are hardly any gifting services that can cater to your mid-night celebrations. MIRA HAPP Box is right there for you. So be it a late-night surprise with a jingle or printing a TOI paper with any celebrations, you can count on us for any and every such need.

Data privacy

Yes, to ensure that your order details and credentials are safe with us, we provide the complete safety of your data. MIRA HAPP Box has a unique login portal where no one else can access it on your behalf. Therefore, we have strong firewalls in place to ensure strict data privacy. All the details you furnish while placing the order are in a complete safety net with us.

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